Petero’s Bootcamps

Getting the nation fit one bootcamp at a time…

 The Petero Civoniceva Foundation Bootcamps are an initiative to encourage companies and their staff to get fit and active and create a healthier working environment.

The Bootcamps are a great way of getting your staff or organisation out of the office and away from their typical work environment, providing them fresh motivation and rigour for the workday. It is proven that exercise can improve productivity and can also improve the overall mood of your workforce. The Petero Civoniceva Foundation Bootcamps are a fun and challenging way of allowing your staff to push themselves and their colleagues to their limits and to be able to discover new things about themselves.

The Foundation has successfully delivered Bootcamps to corporate organisations as well as Bootcamps to prepare participants of the Foundation’s Dash for Diabetes in the lead up to the event. The results have been extremely encouraging with one participant losing 2kg over 6 weeks and another losing 5 inches from her waist circumference.

The structure of our Corporate Bootcamps:

No. of sessions: 6-12 (your preferance)

Duration of each session: 60 minutes

Minimum no. of participants: 10

Maximum no. of participants: 50

Attire: All participants must wear appropriate footwear, no jewellery and clothing they can move in. (A towel and water bottle is also required)

Cost: Please contact the Petero Civoniceva Foundation at to see how we can accommodate your needs and give your organisation ‘a sporting chance for a brighter future’.