Look, Think, Act Road Safety Programme

Looking after the people on Fiji’s roads…

Almost every week in Fiji we read about children dying as a result of road accidents. In 2015 there were more deaths on the road than any other year in the past decade. The message isn’t getting across and it’s important to act now.

This was the motivation behind the Foundation’s “Look, Think, Act” programme, which has been introduced throughout Fiji to encourage children to act responsibly when crossing busy roads. The key message of the programme is, “Always remember to Look, Think, Act, cross safely and you will stay intact.”

The programme is supported by some of the most highly-regarded organisations in Fiji – Toyota, Total, Fiji Times, Land Transport Authority and Merchant Finance.

Look, Think, Act is linked to the acronym of the Land Transport Authority organisation. The slogan and key messages will be promoted in schools and the media in Fiji, making it recognisable and influential for many years to come.

The programme will consist of key messages being delivered through practical and physical education lessons. Each student will take home an activity book, sticker and all the schools will receive road safety posters to display. The emphasis on all the lessons is fun and engaging but with very important and vitally necessary messages being delivered.