Foundation launches ‘Look, Think, Act’ programme

The Petero Civoniceva foundation launched their “Look, Think, Act” road safety programme yesterday aimed at decreasing the number of deaths on Fiji’s roads.

Foundation head Petero Civoniceva said the road death toll was shocking and the program was aimed at educating young students.

“Obviously, it’s a huge issue for us in Fiji. These are tough times for the country with everything going on with the cyclone relief, but you know, we still think it’s important just to keep bringing the awareness,” Civoniceva said.

“That’s important because the statistics are shocking really, about how bad road safety is and it starts at a young age.

“And this is how this whole program is designed, it’s about bringing awareness to young kids, to our primary school students, to our high school students, just the awareness that is needed in ensuring road safety.”

The foundation is partnering with the Land Transport Authority, Toyota, Merchant Finance, Total and The Fiji Times on the programme.

Through the foundation and with the support of their partners, they aim to make “Look, Think, Act” a national campaign that aims to implement change at primary school level through their five-week school program.

Co-founder Chris Tomlinson said he felt it was important that issues regarding road safety and pedestrians’ wellbeing were addressed immediately.

“Through our Look, Think, Act’ schools programme, we aim to address issues such as texting whilst crossing the road, how to use the roads and crossing safely and the importance of wearing a seat belt.”


Source: The Fiji Times

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