When you embark on one of our sports tours to Fiji you will experience an adventure like no other. From the moment you and your group arrive you will be immersed into the welcoming Fijian hospitality and greeted by the famous Fijian Bula smiles.

Your tour will showcase all aspects of the rich Fijian culture including the traditional kava ceremonies, the spine-tingling hymns and the spectacular fire-dancing. You will experience some of the most beautiful scenery in the world as you get to spend time at a paradise island swimming, snorkeling and kayaking in the crystal-clear blue waters. 

You will visit Fiji’s untouched interior, marvel at the lush green landscapes, and spend time gaining a greater appreciation of life in a Fijian village.

Your group will experience first-hand how sports teams in Fiji train. You will have the opportunity to visit the famous Sigatoka Sand Dunes and your team can make friendships for life and bond over common interests with a local team as you train together and compete in a friendly fixture.

A week in Fiji and spending time with the locals will provide your group with a different perspective on life, what is important and what it takes to be happy without all the latest gadgets. 

The opportunity to support our charity, the Petero Civoniveva Foundation, in orphanages and local primary schools will have a deep, humbling and positive impact on your group and provide you with memories that will last a lifetime.

With an array of activities you will never want to leave Fiji and we guarantee the place and the people will stay in your hearts forever.

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