Civoniceva Foundation

Civoniceva Foundation

“I read with great admiration the story on the Civoniceva Foundation founded by the legend himself, Petero Civoniceva to support people who have diabetes.

Little do we hear of famous people who have come back to their people and deliver selfless service.

But here is a true son of Fiji, and one of the most respected, returning to his roots at a time when diabetes is high on the agenda of the Health Ministry.

The gentleman has represented Australia and Fiji in International rugby league, has played in the State of Origin Series, has broken the record for the most international matches for any Australian forward, and has the Petero Civoniceva medal named after him for his service to the game and the country.

He left Fiji with his parents before his first birthday and should have given Australia all the credit for his success. But to come back and do something incredible for Fiji is the true measure of the man, one who commands the respect of many, friends and foes alike, with basic humility.

Never have I witnessed such a famous gentleman with so much humility.

It is our wish that other great people of our country take a leaf out of Civoniceva’s page and to budding young stars in schools, especially those who will be battling it out in the Deans competition for their respective school, here is a role model worth recommending.

God bless you and your family Civoniceva, and may the Civoniceva Foundation rise to greater heights.

The Bible verse Mathew 5:5 which says that “Blessed are the humble for they will inherit the earth” is rightfully yours.




Source: The Fiji Times

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