The 3 C’s

Our Tours are designed to incorporate three pillars – Community, Culture and Competition. We tailor each itinerary to ensure we strike the perfect balance between the 3 C’s to meet the objectives of each group.  


Community enagagement and outreach underpins everything we do and is typically the highlight of the tour for many of our groups. Through our association with the Petero Civoniveva Foundation, a registered Australian and Fijian charity, we provide our groups with the opportunity to embrace other communities and make an active and positive contribution.


Our groups will leave their tour with a greater sense of diversity and inclusiveness. Learning more about diverse getting to know young people of their own age and building friendships is an experience that will help develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of a different way of life.


Our groups are provided evenly-matched, competitive fixtures against local teams. We have a strong network of local sports clubs and schools so we can match your team’s abilities to ensure your players get the most out of the experience.

Health and safety is a major focus for us and we ensure all opposition are the correct age, appropriate medics are available and the venues are of the highest possible standard. 

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